Friday, 8 January 2016

New Year goals

With the New Year just gone I've spent the last few weeks thinking about what I'd like to change this year........ I won't call them resolutions as we all know they never work out well so they are my New Years goals.

  1. To get fitter
  2. To eat better
  3. To be more organised
  4. To finally finish renovating my new home

The biggest thing I want to change this year is my fitness and eating habits. I had an accident at the end of 2014 that resulted in me having a labral tear repair and partial hip replacement in September 2015. Eighteen months of limited mobility have really taken their toll! I blame the immobility for this entirely of course and not the massive amounts of chocolate, biscuits and crisps eaten to cheer myself up of course ;)  I've rejoined the gym and I'm ready to slowly get back into that and I've spent more hours than I'd like to admit pinning "healthy" and "clean eating" recipes.

Organising myself just had to happen this year! I really am hopeless at remembering plans I've made and often have a vague idea I'm supposed to be doing something but can't remember what that is (until a cross friend rings me to say she's been waiting at Starbucks for me for the last half an hour.....) One of my Christmas presents was a planner so I can write everything down. I'm really enjoying buying lots of planner goodies and arranging it how I want it (I have to add how freaking cute are all the different things you can buy for them?!) Hopefully it will be exciting to decorate it all year and I'll keep up to it.  

And lastly my home. We moved 2 years ago into a much larger house but unfortunately the owner before us hadn't done anything to it for 27 years (yes 27 years)!!! Whilst I got off to a good start with it after my accident nothing has happened so I'm desperate to finish it off and get it finally looking lovely and pretty.

Having a place to blog about all of these is going to be so helpful and will give me that extra push to keep up to all the changes this year.

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